The History of Bot Fighting


A lot of people have been asking us lately when and where bot fighting came about. We can’t exactly take credit for being the geniuses who created bot fighting, but we certainly wish we could. Unfortunately bots, and the brilliant idea to fight them came before we ever knew anything about them. Here is a little background on the sport to clarify any confusion that we might possibly be the creators of robot fighting, but hey we will let people think what they want :).

Some more recent news though, and something we might be trying to take credit for…drone fighting. It’s still in its infancy but we are playing with a realistic way to take the sport that so many of us love robot fighting, and make it arial. There are a lot of logistics to consider when the fighting takes the air, but there is also a lot to be excited about. Getting heavy metal robots to fly has been a challenge but it has added a lot of dimension to what robot fighting can look like. Consider if the arena floor was covered it robot crushing machinery, so the first person to dismantle the opponents flying abilities was at a massive advantage. Additionally consider the excitement of maneuvering away from arial obstacles. The arena will obviously have to take a new shape allowing for vertical maneuverability. It may pose too difficult initially, but I think that it is something that could be done with the right people. We are not making any promises as the future of arial robot fighting, but when you see it in the future, just remember where you heard it first.

Battle Bots Returns!

Whether you are an engineer, geek, or just think robot fighting is cool then you will be happy to know that the magic that started it all is finally back – Battle Bots. AbC finally came to their senses and brought back the show we all love, and part of what got us here at G-Force Labs initially inspired in robot fighting. Checking out the promo video below and get ready for a great season of robot fighting.